About Philippa Settels

Philippa resides on Montreal's South Shore in Quebec, Canada, with a loving husband, two young boys, and two boisterous dogs. "Going Green" has made a big contribution in improving and enriching her life and that of her family.

I'm a wife. I'm a mom. I'm "Going Green" because I want to keep my family healthy, happy and contribute to our lives, our community and our fragile world in a positive way.

How did I get the inspiration to begin this journey?

Living a healthy, green life has been a passion of mine for over two decades. Then, my own personal health was compromised several years ago, putting my life and my family's well being at risk. As is often the case, the immediate focus was centered on managing the situation rather than discovering and eliminating the underlying cause.

What really caused it? What could have been done to prevent it? With time and effort, help from some enlightened individuals along with a lot of research, I did recover. But questions still lingered. As environmental factors were at the root of it I began to ask what can I do to keep healthy and avoid a repeat? What could I do to protect my family in the future? How can I help others to do the same?

What happened next?

I began to make some small modifications to improve my own health. I started collecting a list of resources. With time, this shift was easily made within my home. I started with what I could control. I altered my choices. The difference was noticeable so I made a few more adjustments that were within my family's budget. I then realized that this could make an impact on a larger scale as well. Taking these steps will no doubt contribute in a positive way to our community and the environment.

My goal.

I started my "Going Green" project because I want to share with all of you, everything I have learned and all the knowledge I continue to collect so that together, we can make improvements to the quality of our lives at home, at work and at play.

By offering private consultations, group workshops and corporate "Lunch & Learn" presentations, I look forward to sharing resources for information and the steps you can easily take to improve your own health and environment, for a better life.

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Why go green?


"Thanks Philippa for such a great workshop! You have an infectious enthusiasm and for the first time in my life I was excited to clean my house that day! I learned a ton and was also pleasantly surprised to realize that I am already doing some "green" things in my home. Your resource booklet is so handy to refer back to from time to time, allowing me to implement small changes slowly. Finally, I am sure I will be using many of the samples I received for weeks and months to come. Thanks again!"

- Sandra Power, Holistic Nutrition Consultant - St-Lambert, Qc

"I've known Philippa for about 10 years but only really got to know her in the last couple years since I became ill. Philippa was and still is a great source of inspiration to me when I needed advice to help me through difficult times. She is not only a great comfort and easily approachable, she is someone that has wealth of information on how to make your home a safer environment. From knowing what types of foods and home products are full of chemicals and harmful to one's health, to being aware and knowledgeable on which products are safer for you and your family (and friendlier to the environment as well!) Thank you, Philippa, for helping me during my time of need."

- Josie B., Montreal, Qc