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Lunch & Learn Presentations at Fednav Limited

November 2010 & March 2012

Green Leaf Consulting delivers first Green Business Certification (IGBC)

June 2012

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

September 2012

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Why go green?


"I really loved Philippa's workshop! I thought that I was knowledgeable when it comes to the all the toxic ingredients found in many consumer products, seeing as I am a trained naturopath. I learned a lot more than I expected and have made several changes in my home, based on Philippa's suggestions. The results are simple to apply and often more cost-effective! Thank you!!!"

- Melanie Robitaille, Certified Naturopathic Practitioner, Member of l'ANN, mother of 2 children - Mont-St-Hilaire, Qc

"I was delighted to have Philippa from Green Leaf Consulting in our home. Not only has Philippa done extensive research on product labels and their certifications, she also brings a long personal history of green living and its many benefits. She was able to provide valuable information as to the products we were using and their potential health hazards and was also able to provide us with a long list of alternative home products that we could use instead. Having young children in our home made it all the more important for us to continue on our greener route. Thankfully, Philippa has further helped us with that transition. Thanks so much for your help!”

- Andrée Langevin - St-Lambert, Quebec