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What does "Going Green" really mean and how can it help you?

While environmental responsibility is becoming a bigger part of our culture, it is often difficult to see how you can make a difference.

The idea of "Going Green" can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Where do you make changes? What does it involve? How much time and effort will this take? What will it cost?

"Going Green" isn't just about championing an environmental cause. It's about improving your own life one day at a time. It starts at home. It starts with you. It starts by learning about healthier alternatives as well as making informed choices for you and your family, not just for the greater good but for your own improved health and well being.

Would you like to eliminate toxins from your home and improve the air quality of your surroundings?

Do you need guidance to navigate the various "green" certifications and learn the differences between terms like organic, environmentally friendly, and cruelty-free?

Would you like to be more environmentally conscious?

Can all these things be done easily and cost effectively?

Through the "Going Green" program, Philippa Settels can guide you through all these questions and much more with tailor-made consultations for individual or group sessions. These workshops will provide you with basic information and simple steps needed to begin this journey towards a better quality of life.

"Going Green" is designed as a presentation and open discussion. Suggestions and resources for key changes are offered that can make a great impact on your health and safety, within your home. This knowledge translates easily to your work environment, your community and beyond.


"What an informative session! Philippa's enthusiasm, sincerity and experience really shine through as she has tried several products and is continually looking for better ways to green the home. I especially enjoyed how Philippa did a "greening" room by room in her PowerPoint house."

-Lynn L., Lachine, QC

"I like to think that I'm knowledgeable about environmentally friendly products but I still learned something and I really appreciate the buying guide and the green recipes that Philippa gave us. Well done!"

- Anonymous

Philippa's Going Green presentation at our company was a great success. Philippa was a wonderful presenter and gave us many useful ways of "going green" in our homes. She brought in samples for us to bring home and try. I've actually converted some of my household products to "green" ones. I am looking forward to an encore presentation with more wonderful ideas."

- Carla D., Laval, QC


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